You dance for at least one year, taking regular classes and going social dance as much as you can. You are confident with your basics. Connection with the music and your partner are not new to you. Besides regular classes you might already have taken some weekend workshops or attend solo Jazz classes.


You dance for more than 2/3 years, and take classes and social dance regularly. You already participated is some international workshops. You are comfortable with fast teaching pace and you like to be challenged. Your basics are solid and you are finding your own voice in the dance.

Level Split

Although you registered for a level, we will still do a level split before the first class on Saturday. The reason is level at workshops is unpredictable, so we decided to do this in order for you to have the best learning environment possible. You will be asked to social dance and the teachers will assign you in one of the two groups. If you really prefer not to participate in this, and stay in the Intermediate-advance, you just need to tell us before it starts.

We promise the level split will be quick and we hope stress free. We are here to help you find the perfect spot between comfort and challenge and give you some hugs in case of need!

Taster classes and beginner class

If you register for the Full Weekend, besides 6h of main classes, you can also choose one of 2 different tasters, one on Saturday and one on Sunday both at 11am. (registration will happen on Friday party)

Taster on Saturday:

Being a Lindy Hopper means that sometimes we take our bodies to an extreme, dancing all day in classes and parties. In this Floor Work class we will explore movement dynamics and ideas that will help us be more aware of how important it is to take care of our bodies and gain awareness, strength, and flexibility!

Taster on Sunday:

Some of you already know César Nusik from Blue Skies Lisbon Lindy Exchange, he stole our hearts with is challenging, fun and rhythmical class. Come to this class for having a taste of how different dances can influence and inspire your own discover of Swing Dances. If you are not convince yet, watch him perform here.

Beginners Class:

On Friday, at 8pm right before the party starts, you can join us for a class on how to enjoy and dance in a crowded dance floors. We know it can be stressful to move when there are a lot of people around, so in this one hour class we will give you some ideas on how to find and manage space for your dance and to still have fun and make your partner smile.

Classes Venue

All the classes will happen in Little Big Apple, our new Studio.

The venue is located right in the outskirts of Lisbon Center, 140m from the Red Metro Line Station Olaias (14min ride from the Airport) and served with several BUS routes right in front: 756 (from R. Junqueira – map); 720 (from Alto Sto. Amaro – map); 730 (from Picoas); Night 208 (from Cais do Sodré and Oriente – map); 793 (from Roma-Areeiro and Marvila – map)

We have 2 dance rooms, both with nice mirrors and floors, and one of them actually has a beautiful real wood floor.