International Teachers

Giulia & Stefano


With a background in Theater and Music, these two quickly became some of the most beloved European International Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz Teachers, both as teachers and as people. Their classes always end on the top of student’s favorite teachers lists. They are a mix and match of passion and fun, regularly focusing on musicality and connection in social dancing.

Stefano is musical and super funny. Giulia is graceful and creative. We are absolutely sure you’ll have an amazing time with these two.

Martyna & Smiltys


These two Lithuanians are current rising stars in the International teaching European scene. And yes we mean fully-booked traveling teachers, because dancing wise, they are already there at the very top.

Martyna has displayed her huge smile across several Lindy Hop and Jazz competitions, which she won, and performances at different scenes for amazing audiences and created a few noticeable routines.

Smiltys is motivated by the dynamics between the competition thrill and the chill of the social dancing. He’s mostly known for his technique, variety of uncommon move combinations and attention to the connection.

Cátia & David


These two Portuguese started dancing and teaching together in 2011, and have since become international teachers, mainly due to their aptitude to understand the fundamentals of good movement (dancing) and explaining it in an graspable and applicable way.

Cátia is a person’s person. She’s always caring for everybody, and it shows when it comes to teaching where she uses an intuitive and organic approach to bring out to the best in each student. You’ll rarely see her not smiling.

David is an addicted social dancer. You’ll rarely see him not dancing while there is groovy swing music playing. He’s also a geek, that cannot avoid himself of deconstructing the nuclear bio-mechanics and rhythmic structure of the dance and music. And he loves to share this knowledge/vision almost as much as he loves hugs.


To Be Announced

Plenty of good stuff is in the oven for our musical taste buds


DJ Cees Van Den

Cees Bio-2

Cees is a swing and blues DJ based in Manchester. He has been swing dancing since 2011, something that has given him an understanding that music not only needs to sound good, but also feel good.
He started DJing in mid 2012 at the weekly socials in Amsterdam and made his International debut in 2014.
Having an appreciation for pre 1940s music, he will make sure that you will have that contemporary sound that keeps you dancing.

DJ David Afonso


He loves sharing stuff… and in the dance community found a way to share one of his biggest pleasures in life: Jazz music.

As one of the most active swing DJ’s in Lisbon (Portugal) since 2010, and international DJ, as a swing dancer, Lindy Hop teacher and event organizer, he knows how to “read” a swing dancefloor and deliver the right music to electrify a party.

From the 20’s to the present, from the chunkiness of Swing, to the power of Big Bands, to the groovy drive of Jazz, to the melodic entanglement of Dixieland, the high-energy of Jump Blues, the honey of Blues, the shouts of Gospel, the la pompe rhythm of Manouche, it all coexists within his DJ sets.

Two things are required to glue this diversity together though: an irresistible dancing rhythm and authenticity in playing. If the songs have claps and/or if they talk about food, even better!