Focus on the social


not sold
at the door

3 social dance parties (2 with live music)


Get it All


until March 8



6h of Lindy Hop + 2h of Solo Jazz Classes

3 social dance parties


No Solo for you


until March 8



6h of Lindy Hop Classes

3 social dance parties


Steps to make it work

  • 1 - Sign Up

    Make sure you read the level descriptions and all the info on the website then go and sign up! You should receive an e-mail from us in about 24 hours, but If you don’t, please contact us to

  • 2 - Make your payment

    You have 7 days to make your payment, or your booking will be cancelled.

  • 3 - Join us on the 26-28 of April

    Get ready to have a great time

Important things to know

Signing Up

Signing in with a partner gives more chance to get a spot, but you can also sign up alone. If you have a partner, you both need to sign up, and give your partner full name in the “partner name” field. Note that you can not sign up with someone who’s already registered and did not give your name.

Receiving Confirmation

We will approve manually your registration, so we will need some time, don’t worry if you just receive an answer the day after : )  After we check your registration one of 4 things can happen:

  • We can confirm your spot! You receive an e-mail with payment instructions by Bank Transfer. If you are Little BIg Apple student you can also pay with money at the school.
  • You signed up with a partner, and he/she hasn’t registered yet, so we will only reply with confirmation e-mail after we receive your partner registration.
  • You receive an e-mail saying that you are in the waitlist because the lead/follow balance may be a bit off.
  • You receive an e-mail saying that the level is full so can’t accept your registration… Maybe someone will sell their pass, so don’t give up!

Selling your pass

We do not do refunds, but you are allowed to sell or give your pass, if you take in consideration that:

  • The new participant can not change role or level.
  • You need to let us know, by e-mail, at least 2 days before the event, the full name and email of the person that is going to replace you.